How Advertisements Affect Our Mood And Purchasing Decisions

Almost everybody grows up in the earth which is flooded with the mass media e.g. television, advertising, films, billboard, movies, music, newspaper and internet. All people are using the marketing weapon. Advertising is renewed for its long-lasting impact on viewer’s mind. Advertising is a subject that is used to attract people. It is also used to promotion mixes such as product, price and place. As a promotion mix, advertising is playing a great role in product awareness for the people. Advertising is infusing to the people in many ways. It has a great impact on the minds of viewers. The advertisement is affecting our moods on a large scale.

o   History of advertisement
The advertisement is related to the ancient times. It has many signs such as symbols, pictorial signs to attract the people. Over centuries, all there signs and symbols are used for the promotion of products.  In the early age, all these products were handmade. Therefore, all these signs were not used for advertisement. Later on, these phonemes were changed into the advertisement. Nowadays, the advertisement is playing a great role in the lives of people. The advertisement has many great impacts on the moods of the people.
o   Purchasing decisions
Subject, design and materials are playing important role in our purchase decisions. A company cannot make the dream to be a well known until they invest in their promotional activities. A company cannot purchase importance without the likes of people. A primary mission of advertiser is to reach prospective customers and influence their awareness, attitudes and buying behaviour. People are spending a lot of money to keep individual interest in their products. They need to understand what is creating interest for their customer. The advertisement is playing a great role to make interest for purchase things. People are interested in the things and make the decision to buy it.
o   Advertisements affect our mood
Nowadays, the advertisement is affecting our moods. We see many ads in the movies, televisions and many other better things. A lot of people have difficulty in accepting these ideas. The major aim of advertising is to impact on buying behaviour and moods. It has great has an impact on our moods. An advertisement can make or break our dictions. It also tries to determine the factors that influence consumer behaviour, especially the economic, social and psychological aspects. Young people are choosing information and character for their roles. They are identifying them but also intend to copy them. Some people play a vital role in the products' advertisement.
·         The objective of study about advertisement
·         To study the impact of advertisement on the consumer segment
·         Impact of advertisement on the consumer buying segment
·         To evaluate the role of advertisement in the common man’s life
·         To study the affecting the consumer buying process with respect to the advertisement
Most people believe that advertisement plays an important role to make our choices. In reality, it is a true fact that every person attracts a wonderful aid. In many cases, the advertisement is affecting our moods and purchasing decisions.

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